Top 10 Manga / Webtoons Like Keep It A Secret From Your Mother

Look, I am aware that manga like Keep It A Secret From Your Mother isn’t exactly like, high end classical literature or anything. It isn’t topping anyone’s lists, nor is it winning awards for its great storytelling. But sometimes, all we need is a trashy comic to binge read at 2 AM in the night and, hey. There’s no shame in that game. Even I have some terrible comfy reads. Though mine tend to be, well, less harem fixation.

But, yeah, some of them are like Keep It A Secret From Your Mother, aka raunchy little booklets without much substance to offer. Sometimes these stories can be good, with a genuinely compelling plot and intriguing characters that keep you hooked into what happens next. And sometimes, well, there’s no excuses. A shallow little rom-com with some spice thrown in is all you really need. So, where do you go when you need some recommendations for just that?

Well, I’m not saying we are purveyors of this particular genre of manga and manhwa, but curating a list is what we do best! Even if this isn’t our sort of thing. Besides, there are so many manga and manhwa out there, even within the Adult/Ecchi subgenre, that a person just diving in can tend to feel lost. Especially if they are only used to one particular manga like Keep It A Secret From Your Mother. Which, again, not shaming the reader here!

But maybe it’s time to diversify. So, if you’re in the mood for some forbidden reads, let’s get this show on the road. Here are our top 10 manga that are similar to like Keep It A Secret From Your Mother, in another segment of Get Ranked! Again, viewer discretion is advised because this is definitely something you don’t want your mom knowing! Let’s get right into it!

10. Excuse Me, This Is My Room!

Excuse Me, This Is My Room!

Who doesn’t love a love interest that humiliates you, right? Okay, yeah, the whole bully thing might sound off-putting, but Excuse Me, This Is My Room! puts an actual fun spin on what would’ve been a basic raunchy manhwa.

Like the story actually carries through, you know? You’d think the main character would come across as a blank canvas for us to project on, but his interactions with the female lead are dynamic enough to keep us invested!

9. Need You Right Now

Need You Right Now

A manga about healthy adult relationships is so rare to me. Which is why Need You Right Now might be up your alley if you’re tired of the more toxic relationships we’ve grown to see.

But the plot itself also reflects that wholesomeness, with almost no angst in sight. The art is pretty, the plot nonabrasive and gentle, even. Well, as gentle as explicit content manga can be.

8. Lucky Guy

Lucky Guy

Excuse me? Another manga that doesn’t start off with shady advances and harassment? And doesn’t pull one out in the middle of the plot either? It’s unheard of!

Lucky Guy ends up being this conflict-free love story with a classic (albeit tired) mentor-mentee romance that feels relatively cute. And like, the main character here is oddly innocent for the lead in a spicy manga. But hey, if it works, it works!

7. My Girlfriend Is My Stepmother

My Girlfriend Is My Stepmother

Maybe consider that, yes, you do have mommy issues. Okay, I’m just playing, we all have our vices and if Keep it Like A Secret From Your Mother is one of yours, then you’ll enjoy My Girlfriend Is My Stepmother.

The plot of My Girlfriend Is My Stepmother is right there in the title itself. So, yeah, it’s as trashy as it gets but the interesting thing here is that it starts off way more enemies-to-lovers? Which is an interesting change of pace to these adult manhwas. It adds more character, at the very least.

6. Runaway Family

Runaway Family

Oh, come on. Is nothing scared anymore when it comes to adult manga? Found family is one of my favourite tropes out there so this took some getting used to. But I guess it could be worse, right?

Runaway Family is literally about a bunch of strangers coming together and finding a home with each other. But also romance ensues, because of course it does. It’s scandalous, for sure. And this family is a little too intimate for me. But who am I to judge, right?

5. Secret Class

Secret Class

This is another one of those ‘read if you’re really desperate’ manga because, well, you don’t know how to talk to women. I’m joking! (Or am I?)

So, Secret Class is, again, right there in the title. Our main character is orphaned at 13, is adopted later on by his father’s best friend and chaos ensues because he has never interacted with women before. I’m pretty sure someone can relate to this. It just isn’t for me.

4. Love Navigation

Love Navigation

I like this one because it doesn’t try portraying its main character as some super-hot and in demand guy. No, he’s pretty much pathetic.

But that’s why girls love him. Love Navigation takes dating apps to a whole new level and opens up a world where our protagonist can really travel around and see that potential love interests come in all forms.

3. No More, No Less

No More, No Less

Again, mentor-mentee relationships are such a common trope in manga like these. But at least this one adds much more to the character than their exploits!

No More, No Less is about a teacher who calls up the class president and drunkenly unlads all her insecurities on him. One thing leads to another and, well. Chaos ensues.

2. Lady Long Legs

Lady Long Legs

With a title like that, you don’t really leave much for the imagination. But I suppose that’s just how it goes. Also, I guess it is a role reversal, with a dominant female character rather than the male.

Lady Long Legs is straight-up wish fulfillment and I can see why that would appeal to some people out there. Again, not my cup of tea. But go right ahead if it’s yours!

1. Give And Take

 Give And Take

Arguably one of the better ones when it comes to plot, Give And Take is yet another one of my favorite AO3 tags come to life: A fake marriage.

Thankfully, there is no harem in this one and that’s what sells the spiciness for me. This is great story about two characters who enter a sham marriage, only to start falling in love with each other as time goes by. It’s filled with shenanigans, fun and a surprising amount of heart.

…Yet again, I don’t get paid enough for this.

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