18 Best NTR Manhwa/Webtoons!

With countless genres and sub-genres vying for attention, finding stories that align with specific tastes becomes a challenge. For those who enjoy the intense roller-coaster of emotions and complicated relationships found in a particular niche of romance called NTR, it’s often tricky to find a list that gets right to the heart of the matter without meandering.

It’s all about the intricate dance of love, betrayal, and raw emotion; these stories delve deep into the complexities of human relationships, often teetering on the edge of societal norms.

After rigorous exploration and careful curation, we’ve compiled a list that encapsulates this very essence. For readers who crave that intense emotional whirlwind, this collection promises to deliver.

Dive into the world of unspoken desires, tangled relationships, and heart-wrenching choices with the following titles:

18. Take a Peek

Take a Peek

Junhyuk, an average guy living a mundane life, discovers a hidden camera in his new apartment. Intrigued, he starts watching the footage and becomes privy to the intimate and private moments of the previous tenant.

As he becomes more engrossed, he begins to blur the lines between voyeurism, desire, and ethics. The story delves into the psychological aspects of privacy invasion, temptation, and the human desire to connect, even in forbidden ways.

17. Pheromone Holic

Pheromone Holic

Seokho, a young man, stumbles upon a unique cologne that, when applied, attracts individuals around him in irresistible ways. With his new-found appeal, Seokho’s life takes a turn as he becomes the center of attraction, envy, and desire.

As he navigates through the challenges and temptations brought about by the cologne’s effects, he gets embroiled in a series of complex relationships, betrayals, and power plays.

The story explores the impact of sudden desirability and the lengths people might go to when influenced by primal urges.

16. A World That I Rule

A World That I Rule

Jin, after a tragic accident in his life, finds himself transported to a mysterious and wild world where humans are not at the top of the food chain.

Struggling to survive, he encounters an indigenous tribe of human-like creatures. Asserting dominance, Jin decides to rule over the tribe.

The story revolves around the themes of power, dominance, survival, and the moral complexities arising from Jin’s decisions in a world where the usual rules don’t apply.

15. The Man Who Cleans Up Makeup

The Man Who Cleans Up Makeup

Jiho is a successful makeup artist with a unique talent: he can see the past scars, blemishes, and imperfections that his clients try to hide.

When he encounters Seungchan, a man with emotional scars far deeper than any physical ones, Jiho is compelled to help him.

As they grow closer, the story delves into the healing power of human connection, the masks people wear, and the vulnerability of revealing one’s true self.

14. Unwanted Roommate

Unwanted Roommate

Young Woo, a man recovering from a traumatic past, suddenly finds himself living with a woman named Soo Yeon.

This unexpected arrangement stirs up dormant emotions and urges. As Young Woo grapples with his attraction to Soo Yeon, he’s forced to confront his fears and past traumas.

The story explores the complexities of healing, trust, and the power dynamics in an intimate setting where boundaries are continuously tested.

13. The Girl Next Door

The Girl Next Door

Minwoo is an average office worker leading a mundane life. That is until he meets Sunyi, the enigmatic girl who moves in next door.

Intrigued by her beauty and mystery, Minwoo finds himself being drawn into Sunyi’s world, one that is filled with secrets and unexpected desires.

As their relationship deepens, Minwoo is forced to confront his own inhibitions, societal norms, and the true meaning of intimacy.

12. Perfect Half

Perfect Half

In a world divided between humans and mystical creatures, a longstanding war has rendered the two races bitter enemies.

Lycan, the prince of the mystical realm, and Ari, a human warrior princess, are unexpectedly drawn to each other, igniting a forbidden passion.

As they grapple with their feelings amidst political intrigue and societal expectations, the two must decide if love can truly bridge the gap between two warring worlds.

11. The Sharehouse

The Sharehouse

After a series of unfortunate events, Young Woo finds himself living in a sharehouse unlike any other. The residents, all of whom are women, have distinct personalities and backgrounds.

As Young Woo gets to know each of them better, he becomes entangled in their personal stories and desires.

The boundaries of friendship, love, and lust blur in this shared space, leading to unexpected relationships and a deeper understanding of human connection.

10. Lady Long Legs

Lady Long Legs

Min Do-Yoon, a young and successful CEO, is known for his cold demeanor and business acumen. However, his life takes a turn when he meets a mysterious woman with long legs who captivates him.

Drawn to her allure and mystique, Do-Yoon finds himself in a whirlwind romance filled with passion, jealousy, and power plays.

As he delves deeper into this relationship, he’s forced to confront his own insecurities and the complexities of love and obsession.

9. The Spot Master

The Spot Master

Jun-Ho, a man with a peculiar ability to spot people’s weaknesses and secrets just by looking at them, uses his skill to live a life of pleasure and manipulation.

As he becomes involved with various women, exploiting their vulnerabilities, he starts to draw the ire and attention of others who either want to use his skill for their own gain or put a stop to his manipulative ways.

Throughout the story, Jun-Ho grapples with the morality of his actions and the nature of human desires.

8. An Innocent Sin

An Innocent Sin

Ji-Eun, living a life of hardship and hiding her beauty behind frumpy clothes, suddenly finds her life turned upside down when she helps out a stranger, Mika.

Unbeknownst to her, this act of kindness ensnares her into a world of power, desire, and intrigue.

As secrets unravel and relationships become more complex, Ji-Eun is forced to confront her own past and feelings, realizing that innocence can sometimes be a mask for deeper emotions.

7. Love Parameter

Love Parameter

Young Hoon, a nerdy guy who has always struggled with romance, discovers a pair of glasses that allows him to see the parameters of love.

With this newfound ability, he can see the romantic interests, fetishes, and secrets of those around him. Initially, it seems like a dream come true, offering him insights into the world of love and relationships.

But as he delves deeper, Young Hoon realizes that possessing such knowledge comes with its own set of problems, challenges, and moral dilemmas.

6. The Chain of Youth

The Chain of Youth

High school is tough, but it’s even more challenging for Saeyoung who is caught in a web of deceit, passion, and rivalry.

When she stumbles upon a mysterious mobile application that allows her to manipulate the emotions and actions of her peers, she sees it as an opportunity to elevate her status and resolve her issues.

However, every action has consequences, and as Saeyoung becomes more entangled in the app’s power, she realizes that control can quickly turn into chaos.

5. Close as Neighbors

Close as Neighbors

Theo has always been close with his next-door neighbors, the Min sisters. But what was once a simple friendship grows more complicated over time as Theo discovers a series of startling secrets about the sisters.

As passions flare and boundaries are crossed, Theo must navigate his evolving relationships with the sisters while also managing his own personal dilemmas.

At the heart of the story is the exploration of friendship, temptation, and the grey areas in relationships.

6. A Pervert’s Daily Life

A Pervert

Jiho and Seonho are roommates leading seemingly ordinary lives. However, when Jiho discovers Seonho’s hidden stash of adult content, it sets off a chain of events that reveal their secret desires and fetishes.

As they begin to explore their hidden inclinations together, their daily life transforms into a series of comedic and erotic misadventures. The story is a lighthearted take on the exploration of personal desires and the dynamics of an evolving relationship.

5. She’s The Girl


When Jiho, a reserved man, encounters the vivacious and free-spirited Mina, his world turns upside down. Intrigued by her uninhibited nature, he soon discovers that Mina harbors a secret life, one that pulls him into a world of desire and intrigue.

As the two navigate their growing attraction, they must also grapple with societal judgments, personal insecurities, and the boundaries of their unconventional relationship.

4. Lover Boy

Lover Boy

Eunho, a waiter at a café, finds himself entangled in a complicated relationship with one of his regular customers, Jeongha. While Jeongha initially appears indifferent and cold, a chance encounter reveals a different side of him, leading to an unexpected intimacy between the two.

As Eunho navigates his feelings and the complexities of their relationship, he learns about Jeongha’s past and the shadows that haunt him. The story explores the challenges of love, trust, and healing.

3. Wife Training

Wife Training

Lee Sunho, a down-on-his-luck man, stumbles upon an exclusive underground society that offers to “train” wives to cater to the desires of men. Tempted by the offer, he decides to enroll his distant and cold wife into the program.

As the training progresses, Sunho finds himself entangled in a web of betrayal, lust, and power dynamics. The story delves deep into the psyche of relationships, testing the boundaries of trust and love.

2. Sweet Guy

Sweet Guy

Ho-sang, an average guy, suddenly finds himself endowed with a unique ability after an accidental electrocution: everyone he touches feels an overwhelming euphoria.

While this newfound power brings pleasure to many, it also attracts unwanted attention and complicates Ho-sang’s personal and romantic life. As he navigates the perks and pitfalls of his ability, he’s forced to confront ethical dilemmas and the true nature of those around him.

1. The Taste of Hands

The Taste of Hands

Jae-beom, a talented masseur, has the peculiar ability to tell everything about a person’s feelings, past, and desires just by touching them. While this gift has been lucrative for his massage business, it also makes him privy to the secrets and hidden desires of his clientele, often leading to unexpected and intimate encounters.

As he becomes embroiled in the lives and dramas of those he touches, Jae-beom must navigate the blurred lines between professionalism, temptation, and genuine connection.

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