10 BEST Manga/Manhwa Like Secret Class

Okay, let’s be real. Secret Class has set a standard that we all can’t help but gush over, despite its nature. Oh, the drama! The intrigue! The twists! You just can’t help but flip the pages like a mad person. Now, while Secret Class has its own charm that makes it stand out, there are a plethora of titles out there that share a similar essence.

And no, I’m not just talking about your run-of-the-mill works. I mean the ones that make you sit up and go, “Wait, what just happened?” The ones that don’t shy away from pushing boundaries, offering plots and characters that are as exciting as Secret Class.

That said, I want you to know that I’ve been a manga and manhwa enthusiast for years now, and I’ve scoured the landscape to find the most intriguing works that would catch your attention. These titles might vary in genres, but they share that complexity and artistry that remind us of Secret Class.

10. Love Parameter

Love Parameter

If we’re talking about intricate stories filled with unexpected turns, Love Parameter hits the mark. It’s a tale that revolves around technology and relationships. The main character gains access to glasses that allow him to see others’ emotions and thoughts. A fascinating concept, right?

What makes Love Parameter stand out is how it explores the boundaries of morality and control. It isn’t just about gaining an upper hand in relationships but asks profound questions about how far one should go with newfound power. A real brain-teaser that will make you think twice about what you wish for!

9. Pulse


Pulse takes us into a world of intense medical drama, intertwined with deep emotional connections. It’s a story about two women who are not only navigating the challenges of working in the medical field but are also exploring their own emotions and relationships.

If you’re craving that deep, emotional connection and want something that offers more than just surface-level entertainment, Pulse is the one for you. It doesn’t just create a plot for the sake of it; it allows you to feel and understand the characters. An engaging read that will touch your heart and mind!

8. Brawling Go

Brawling Go

Ready for a tale that combines humor, romance, and a touch of supernatural spice? Brawling Go might be the answer to your calls.

A young man who’s struggling with a particular issue finds himself gaining a supernatural ability that seems to solve his problems at first. But, as you can guess, things aren’t that simple.

I find Brawling Go to be refreshing and engaging. Its story not only offers a good laugh but also keeps you on your toes with unexpected twists. If you enjoy a blend of fantasy and reality with characters that grow on you, this is a must-read.

7. Household Affairs

Household Affairs

Diving into the world of Household Affairs, I must say, it’s more than meets the eye. While it starts off as a story about a neglected wife seeking attention elsewhere, it evolves into a thrilling drama filled with suspense, action, and mystery.

Household Affairs doesn’t just skim the surface; it delves into complex emotions, choices, and the consequences that follow.

It’s an intense read, and I appreciate the way it connects different plot elements into a cohesive storyline. If you’re looking for an engaging plot with well-rounded characters, don’t miss this one.

6. My Stepmom

My Stepmom

My Stepmom presents a fresh take on family dynamics and relationships. What seems like a typical story of a young man dealing with a new stepmother takes unexpected turns as secrets unfold.

The beauty of My Stepmom lies in its character development and how it handles complex family relationships with sensitivity and depth.

It’s not just a fleeting tale but one that lets you get to know the characters, their feelings, and their struggles. A beautiful and heartfelt work that deserves your attention.

5. Sweet Guy

Sweet Guy

Sweet Guy introduces us to a unique storyline that might be out of the ordinary but certainly reels you in. It begins with a young man who, after an electrical accident, realizes he has the power to heal others with his touch. Sounds thrilling, right?

What’s intriguing about Sweet Guy is how it masterfully weaves moral dilemmas and personal growth into a narrative filled with unexpected events.

It prompts questions about what one would do with such a power, and the story skillfully guides you through a world where boundaries are tested. A fascinating read for anyone who enjoys a good mental gymnastics session!

4. H-Campus


Welcome to the world of H-Campus, where college life takes an extraordinary twist. This work stands apart with its combination of raw emotions, intense rivalry, and complex relationships.

The plot centers on students trying to make their mark in a competition-driven environment. However, it’s not just about winning; it’s about self-discovery, pushing limits, and forming bonds. It’s a rollercoaster ride of emotions that will keep you glued to your seat.

3. Drug Candy

Drug Candy

Drug Candy takes you into the dark corridors of adult life, dealing with failed relationships and new beginnings. It’s not a tale for the faint-hearted, as it portrays real and raw emotions that many can relate to.

This work stands out for its willingness to portray the harsh realities of life without sugar-coating. The characters are well fleshed-out, and the story takes unexpected turns that mirror the complexities of human emotions.

If you’re looking for an intense, mature read, Drug Candy will not disappoint.

2. SStudy


Are you ready for a story that combines romance, drama, and a pinch of educational insight? SStudy offers all this and more. Set in a college environment, it explores the struggles of students in both academics and love life.

What sets SStudy apart is its ability to balance humor and serious issues. It tackles the stress of studying while adding relatable romantic twists. The character development is superb, and it manages to create an engaging storyline that is both entertaining and thought-provoking.

1. UnTouchable


UnTouchable concludes our list with a fantasy romance that’s a delight to read. It follows the story of a modern-day vampire who sustains herself by absorbing human emotions.

The charm of UnTouchable lies in its blend of fantasy elements with real-life issues. It explores themes of loneliness, connection, and acceptance in a way that’s refreshing and heartwarming.

The characters are likable, and the plot moves at a pace that keeps you engaged without feeling rushed.


There’s no denying that the world of manga and manhwa is vast and filled with gems that deserve recognition. While Secret Class may have hooked us in, these titles provide an exciting exploration into different genres, themes, and emotional landscapes.

Remember, art isn’t confined to one form or genre; it’s a continually evolving landscape that surprises us at every turn. Embrace the unexpected, and let these titles take you on unforgettable adventures.

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